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Do you know the most important benefits to employees?

Susan Payne and Associates' does and we make finding small business insurance benefits quick and easy.

We've saved clients time and money for over 30 years with Insurance policies for Small businesses in New Jersey, New York City, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

We know employee benefits better than anyone because we deal with them every day.


Group Health Insurance for Small Business in NJ and NYC

Whether you're an employee looking for supplemental insurance policy quotes or an individual planning to keep your family in a secure financial position, Susan Payne and Associates are here to get you the information you need. We will work with you to locate an affordable life insurance policy that will protect your financial dependents.

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401K and 403B Planning Services for Small Business in NJ and NYC

Susan Payne and Associates will help your small business or non-profit entity design a 401K or 403B retirement plan that fits the lifestyle of your employees. This is a standard benefit for most companies and many employees look for this service when applying for a position.

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Individual Life Insurance Quotes for NJ and NYC 

Life insurance provides an income for the family if there is an unexpected death as well as income to keep a business going if there is an untimely death of a business owner. Life insurance provides money to pay estate taxes and final expenses. Protect your loved ones, reach out to Susan Payne and Associates to discuss your Individual Life Insurance needs.


Estate Planning Services for Individuals in NJ and NYC

Get Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Survivorship and more. Plan for the financial future of your loved ones and make sure arrangements have been made to protect your family. Speak with Susan Payne and Associates today and get answers to your questions.

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